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1Monsoon Valley White (Chenin Blanc & Colombard)On the nose well ripened melon and mango with hints of banana. Light and refreshing body with honey and apricot on the palate, finishing with smooth acidity.
Especially good with: green curries, yellow curry, seafood salad, chicken larb, basil chicken, garlic chicken & prawns & grilled seafood.
£ 3.95 £ 4.95 £ 14.95
2Colombard, Monsoon ValleyLifted nose of well ripened gooseberry, green apple, passion fruit and a touch of Sauvignon Blanc's character. Sweet fruit and punchy flavours within a tight, ripe acidic backbone giving length and a velvety dry finish.
Especially good with: prawns vegetable stir fried, chu chee fish, green curry, ginger chicken, yellow curry and seafood dishes.
n.a n.a £ 18.95
3Monsoon Valley Rose (Chenin Blanc, Colombard and Shiraz)Pink colour with light orange rim, the nose has a delicate red berry fruit structure. The palate is floral with hints of mango fruit, well-balanced with good acidity.
Especially good with: Thai starters, spring roll, fish cakes, seafood dishes and fried chicken.
£ 3.95 £ 4.95 £ 14.95
4Shiraz Rose, Monsoon ValleySalmon pink Shiraz Rose expresses intriguing wild strawberry, cherries and a lovely touch of spices on the nose. Fresh palate while a hint of tannin gives its length.
Especially good with: Ginger prawns cakes starters dishes and steamed, grilled or salad seafood dishes.
n.a n.a £ 18.95
5Monsoon Valley Red (Indigenous red grapes and Shiraz)Plums and red fruits on the nose, soft and velvety texture lingers on the palate through the finish with leathery undertone and berry notes.
Especially good with: red curries, weeping iger, beef salad, chilli beef or pork.
£ 3.95 £ 4.95 £ 14.95
6Shiraz, Monsoon ValleyOur Shiraz is a dark ruby red along with violet hue with expresses classic varietal characters of dark plum, cherries, toffee and spices.
Especially good with: Kaeng Massaman Neur (beef) and Panang Neur beef, lamb or pork, beef or pork basil, red curries and meat dishes.
n.a n.a £ 18.95
1Martini£ 3.25
2Cinzano£ 3.25
3Dubonnet£ 3.25
4Pernod£ 3.25
5Campari£ 3.25
6Calvados£ 4.00
7Courvoisier£ 4.00
8Hennessy£ 4.00
9Remy Martin V.S.O.P£ 4.50
10Armangac£ 4.50
11Tawny£ 3.00
12Ruby£ 3.00
13Taylor Reserve£ 4.00
14Cointreau£ 3.75
15Tia Maria£ 3.75
16Drumbuie£ 3.75
17Sambuca£ 3.75
18Grand Marnier£ 3.75
19Creme De Menth£ 3.75
20Creme De Cacao£ 3.75
21Kahlua£ 3.75
22Bailey's Irish Cream£ 3.75
23Amaretto£ 3.75
24Mixers£ 0.50
25Gin£ 3.25
26Vodka£ 3.25
27Scotch Whisky£ 3.25
28Bourbon Whisky£ 4.00
29Bacardi£ 3.25
30Captain Morgan£ 3.25
31Southern Comfort£ 3.25
32Chang Beer£ 3.75
33Singha Beer £ 3.75
34Carlsberg (1/2 pint)£ 2.20
35Orange Juice£ 2.00
36Tomato Juice£ 2.00
37Pineapple Juice£ 2.00
38Coca Cola£ 2.00
39Lemonade£ 2.00
40Ginger Ale£ 2.00
41Soda£ 2.00
42Bottle£ 4.00
43Glass£ 1.50